THE ANCKARSTROM STORY – assasin of a king

Jacob Johan Anckarström (1762-1792) was a military officer, and during a previous period a farmer.

The only thing he became famous for was committing the murder of the Swedish king Gustav III at a royal mascerade ball.

The country of France has an influence here since that king admired the French culture and introduced French art, theatre, food and manners whatsoever in certain areas but also for the simple staff working for him. Without that king we probably would be living in caves, wearing animal skins instead of clothes, eating raw meat… well maybe he made no difference after all.

Anckarstrom himself hated the king and was presumably inspired by the French revolution.

After the assasination of the king Anckarstrom was sentenced to death and executed.

But the whole thing is a quite different and exciting story, it doesn´t really fit in on this site and it´s nothing the readers of this really would be interested in.

If you still want to read historical documents about it you find them at


This story is about the west side of Stockholm where there at that time were eye witnesses of the funeral of Anckarstrom. And, as they said it wasn´t even a proper funeral, the corps was more or less thrown into a stack of junk and some executioner-wannabees shoveled dirt over him and that´s about all.

But during all years the people of west Stockholm was very much aware of the existance of that junkyard hill where the dead body was buried. That story was told from mouth to mouth and the historical aspect was of course a part of the school education.

And as time went by, the surrounding pieces of land was more and more interesting for developing as part of the city and at the 20th century all neighbouring areas was turned into a sleepy suburb with rather big expensive houses. The story of the Anckarström "grave" raised from the ashes and inspired some local people to create plans for the grave area, make it a historical monument, open a museum, hotdog stands, pizza pods, maybe a hotel and a conference center. University institutions maybe.

For a start they decided to dig up that junk hill and look for remnants. Two hundred years later-
who knows what might be hidden down there. Valuables, items of archeological interest, the remnants of the dead person of course. They couldn´t wait to get started.

With modern machines and archeological skills digging up a small hill is like a piece of a cake.
Exciting though, considering the background. And an almost solemn atmosphere. With a crowd following every move.

They continued the digging for a while. But what that hill consisted of was nothing but dirt.

No valuables, no remnants whatsoever. Nothing.


No dead body was ever left at that place after all.

The hill is still there though, and maybe I should find out some kind of sign to put up there.

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