This was originally meant to be a stag party for a guy getting married (Sam).

The ones arranging the party set up a plan to give Sam order to go to his office to prepare and pick up material that was to be used for a customer.

But when appearing at the office he should encounter a big crowd of friends hungry for fun.

So the main men gather at the office in advance preparing all nessesary details while the others pop in.

To make everything look normal and to make sure Sam does not suspect anything they shut off the lights, lock the door and hide. All set- what can go wrong? Nothing, or??

Well one thing they didn't think of was the intruder alarm system. Locking the front door with the main lock also means turning on the alarm system. And that one uses interior detectors which can sense persons moving inside and activate the alarm system.

So off that one goes and the sound of it is really dreadful. You simply aren't capeble of staying there in the noise.

Besides, unlocking the main lock doesn't help in this situation, nor does cutting the cables,I don't know if they ever thought about that.

The only thing that helps is shutting the alarm off in the main central unit.

And there was a person that had the corresponding key and knew how to do it so, finally they get it to shut up.

Very relieving'.

However, another thing nobody thought of was that a security company provides automatic on-call emergency service for the system and they are on their way, accompanied by the police . Nobody thought of giving them a call telling them to cool it.

The stag party again waiting eager on the mission giggling weirdly when they hear someone at the door.

Must be Sam.

It's not Sam, however.

The guard is not very happy encountering the dressed up surprise party. And the policemen, then, shouting in the way cops do.



The by now shocked party tries to explain...well it's actually kind of a joke, you see...

"Show me your ID-cards"

The guys search through their pockets but noone seems to carry IDs right now.

Tom, the manager that has been hiding in the most inside situated office steps forward with a ver mature voice "Let me explain, I'm the manager"

"Well, show me your ID, then".

Tom looks through his pockets - nothing.

"I must have left it in my office", Tom says, walking back with some anxiety. He founds nothing on the desk, looks through the upper desk drawer, no ID but he grabs a business card and puts it on the desk with a big smack.

The policeman is not impressed and gazes suspiciously at the unsecurely smiling Tom.

This is just at the time when Sam arrives through the main door- surprised he was when the guard stops him yelling at him for his ID.

But Sam could save the situation for the party finally.

(The marriage didn´t last for long though, was it because of the stag party?)

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