Compact Cassette Recorder model AIWA TP741

Possibly the worst product ever!

Features: Fast forward, Rewind, Play and Record (Mainly Stop). Adjustable Volume and Tone. (All transistor I guess).


Portable Hair dryer model "Portabel". Made in England (of course) by Fernhurst Precision Tool Co Ltd. model PH1.

Instructions for use:

Your new hair dryer has been designed by English engineers according to local regulations.

Materials and details are carefully chosen for the long lasting duty of and your satisfaction with the hair dryer.

The included plastic carrying strip and the comparatively long cable (2.8 meters) helps you to be able to move around pretty much without trouble while drying the hair.

By connecting it to an extension cable you can move around even more.

You may of course also use it resting at the table.

The hot air is proportionally spread over the hair in the cap you don´t have to stand dry hot air over eyes and face.

Put on the plastic cap, make sure that hair and ears are covered, and so on! Now you are ready to use the hair dryer!

This is how you connect the hair dryer:

1. Keep the hair dryer with the regulating panel in front of you, connect and push the flexible hose and turn it to the "right".

2. The other end of the plastic hose is pushed into the inlet of the plastic cap until you hear a clicking sound.

3. Put the plastic cap on the head and make sure that hair and ears are covered and in such a way thet the bent hose comes in position centered at the back.

4. Now you are ready to use the hair dryer! At the beginning while the hair is wet- switch it on at the warmest position III and switch down to position II if it feels to warm.

Tech specs:

The regulating switches can be put in four positions:

0 means that the apparatus is switched off, I means cold air, II=medium warm and position III, warmest.

220 volt ac
330 watt
S-marked and fi-marked =(double isolation).
"Portabel" is equipped with a protection against over heating.
But no matter what its important that the air inlet -at the top- is not covered.


The huge Powerpac.


Huge useless electrical unit that cost more that any useful machine and would shut down any computer within range without prior notice.

Once nominated as a company´s "number one product" with great market opportunity, introduction party planned with a KING as and recruitments of agents for a number of countries.

The first year presented the sales of not that impressive 9 (nine) units giving a more impressive income of about $100.000!

A large number was produced and stored, the company was able to sell only a few additional units, and they were finally dumped somewhere.

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