In the "early days" I used to work with a team travelling around Europe in a truck which cargo consisted of a well equipped measurement laboratory. This story is like a diary about the truck itself.

A Volvo.


7/4. Halmstad Sweden, Steering out of order. The workshop recieves the wrong parts from Volvo. Temporary repairs made.

11-14/4. Three days at a workshop in Helsingborg, Sweden, Trouble with the steering once again.

The driver´s cab is stuck, The servo pump is replaced and so on.

6/6. Copenhagen, Denmark. Service, the brakes are beginning to malfunction.

30/6. Karlsruhe, Germany. The brakes are out of order. The brakes are fixed.

13/7. Basel, Switzerland. The brakes are fixed once again.

24/11. Malmö, Sweden. The Chassis front has to be checked. By Scania.

29/11. Sollentuna, Sweden. A complete check up is made, Window lifts, headlights, fuel system and temperature control system has to be adjusted. Moreover the chassi front had to be checked.


26/6 Gothenburg Sweden. Headlights out of order, repaired.

18/7 Borås, Sweden. The driver´s cab is stuck. Can´t fill up oil. Visit to a workshop.

30/8. Sollentuna, Sweden. Visit to a workshop.

13/9. Service and repairs.


2/1. Sollentuna, Sweden. Complete check up. Repairs of the Spring system, the Steering, the Wheel bearings, the Exhaust gas system and the Engine heater.

25/1. Gothenburg, Sweden. Towed away to a workshop. It just won´t start.

26-28/1. Stockholm, Sweden. Three times towed away to a workshop.

28/1. Sollentuna, Sweden. Inspection and repair of the fuel system.

1/2. Borlänge, Sweden. Towed away. Fuel system malfunction. Repairs are made.

1/2. Sala, Sweden. Two hours later. Towed away. Fuel system malfunction.

11/4. Sollentuna, Sweden. Repairs. The exhaust silencer is replaced. Check up of oil leakage, A Backing-up alarm system is installed.

21/10. Basel, Switzerland. A weird, knocking sound comes from the engine. The valves are adjusted, The thermostat is replaced.

28/10. S:t Gallen, Switzerland. The Engine is replaced. The Engine heater and the RPM meter are not reconnected.

30/10. Linköping, Sweden. The truck won´t start, towed away.

During October/ November the brakes and the steering does not appear to be quite in order.

21/11. Sollentuna, Sweden. A complete check up is made. The breaks won´t pass. The engine heater and the RPM meter are not reconnected

(During November and December this year the vehicle has been brought to start with kind assistance from friendly persons and with parallell battery cables from other vehicles).


12/1. Stockholm, Sweden. The truck won´t start. Towed away to a workshop.

13-16/1. Sollentuna, Sweden. The Batteries are replaced during those three days. Now the truck is going to work properly (according to Volvo).

22/1. Sollentuna, Sweden. Visit to a workshop. Missing maintenance report.

23/1. Stockholm, Sweden. The Batteries gets uncharged when the truck is running. The brakes and the steering react in a strange way.

26/1. The truck stops spontaneous on the road. The persons on the wrecking truck gets it to start but they definately refuse to drive it.

(The truck is replaced and that´s the end of this story).

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