This happened in a restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden.

A man dining on his own ordered an expensive meat dish.

The waitress asked the man how he wanted the meat but the guest looked completely confused.

So the waitress tried to help him a little and suggested: "Medium, perhaps??"

The man sat there thinking a couple of seconds, then he outbursted:

"Have you got large ones?"


This happens every day.

We sales guys often have a big record of expences from lunches, lodging and who knows what.

For that we fill in a Travel account form, and one of my friends was an unofficial Champion- every week showing up with a thick collection of various reciets and expence notes.

But the General Manager always looked a bit worried when my friend showed up with such a bunch of papers. And expensive it was, too.

So the General Manager decided to slow that expence flow down and teach him a lesson and suddenly one day he returned to my friend with an important looking face and said:

-Well, I´ve checked your form and there is one reciept that shouldn´t be here, it´s a reciept of a hat, and hats are not provided by the company so I have corrected your account.

My friend took it as a man- after all it´s not the end of the world.

The business continues and a week later our friend shows up again with yet a huge pack of expence notes.

This time a piece of paper is folded to the form.

On the paper is written:

"Try to find that hat if you can".


The Swedish International Ice Hockey Team is called Tre Kronor which means "The Three Crowns".

Study them at www.swehockey.se.

The team has always very skilled Hockey Players, but apart from that they have one particular skill, and that hasn´t been known to the public to the same extent.

They are extremely good at practical jokes.

One of the best they pulled on a guy named Anders. He´s the one responsible for all materials, sticks, dresses, tape...well they have plenty of plenty.

Before a World Championship began all players in the team decided to tease Anders for being fat, just for the sake of it, and there are many ways of expressing that.

And meanwhile, every day they cut off a bit and shortened his trouser belt. So Anders couldn´t use the usual belt hole because with that one the belt would´t reach around his belly any more.

So Anders felt like "Maybe I HAVE been eating to much recently".

Unfortunately, eventually after more than a week they made it too good while Anders caught them in act.


One practical joke that was common, and still is, is to send forged letters with weird content.

I got one (I got several, but this is one of them) that said:

Dear Mr.

We have recieved the fotocopies of your body and our panel of female experts that use a 10-graded scale (10 being the best) has given you a rating of 2.

We hereby declare that it is not possible for us to use you as a pin up boy in the fold-out bictures in our magazine.

The Playgirl Club.

However, since I wasn´t the only one recieving such a letter it was easy to determine who had sent those letters. So, as a revenge one of us signed up for him as member of the Carola Fan Club (carolainternational.tripod.com) with all those badges and posters.


Two of my former collegues, Andy and Ollie were working with repairs on electrical equipment in facilities.

There was a tricky problem with an old transformer and a rectifier system.

This system was not the smallest one, comparatively big with a height of more than two meters and a width of several meters. Don´t comment on that you power station guy reading this.

However, after spending a week or so trying, sorry, identifying the problem and doing the necessary repairs they were preparde to restart the unit once again.

When that was to be done they showed up fully equipped with DVM´s and analyzers looking real confident.

But when the main power was set the unit responded with a big fire flame coming out of the top followed by a plume of nasty black smoke.

Ollie turned the power off again and turned to the scared-to-death crowd and said:

-You know what? I really guess we broke something this time.

(But those guys are no longer collegues of mine).

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